Are These The First Shoots Of A Property Recovery?

According to the National Association of Estate Agents (NAER) the number of clients looking for a new home increased to a four year high in September 2011. That was the second month that the figures rose, a little piece of good news for home-owners looking to sell or worried about negative equity held in their property.

The growth in numbers of house hunters isn’t a huge leap by any stretch of the imagination, NAER figures show that the number of people registering to look for new homes rose on average from 304 in August to 308 in September. That’s not a lot of potential viewers it’s true but it’s the highest that many estate agents have seen since September 2007, when 326 people looking for new properties were registered at each agents’ offices.

The range of properties that each office deals with is increasing too, there were 65 properties, on average, per office in August this year, in September that figure went up to 72 although the number of sales remained constant at eight. But the increase in both supply and demand is certainly a good sign for any-body looking to sell their house and the housing market generally.

When it comes to commercial property to let Manchester seems to be growing too as businesses are seeking out two and three quarters of a million square metres of space over the next few months. Businesses are asking estate managementcompanies to look at strategies for maximising their floor coverage while cutting back on costs. For retailers that can mean remodelling the layout of the shop but for other businesses that could mean changing their office space all together. One business, the private healthcare services provider BUPA took on advisors to help them find an additional 140,000 square feet of additional office space. The biggest influences affecting the choices are total property costs, proximity to a skilled workforce, transport links and availability of distribution, local markets and consumers. Things that Manchester has an abundance of.

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