Differences Between Conservative And Liberal Political Ideologies

Come November, Americans will be electing a new President, some senators, and representatives. These days, we hear about conservative and liberal political ideologies being referred to in the media time and time again. But, what are the differences between liberal and conservative views?

In the United States, conservative politics is associated with right-wing ideologies. Majority of those who hold conservative views also prefer Republicans over Democrats. Reading conservative blog, one could gleam that those who follow such political view uphold traditional family values, and hence are generally against abortion and same-sex marriage. Conservative politicians also support for a strengthened foreign policy and increased military spending. Republican philosophy is based on a limited influence of government when it comes to economics, favoring free markets instead. Republicans also believe that taxes shouldn’t be increased for anyone, including the wealthy.

When discussing about conservative ideologies, common sense conservatives are often mentioned. A common sense conservative is an advocate of conservative politics who adopts the “common sense” rhetoric when framing his or her arguments. Adherents to this political ideology believe politicians should govern on the basis of precedents and established norms instead of governing on a basis of what should work.

Liberal politics on the other hand is on the left end of the political spectrum. Those who follow modern liberal political ideologies are often associated with the Democratic Party. They also believe that it is the government’s role to intervene on behalf of racial, ethnic, and sexual minorities. Liberals support multiculturalism, same-sex marriage, and take a pro-choice stance in debates involving abortion. In terms of economy, liberal politicians believe in government regulation of business, commerce, and industry. With regards to taxation, democrats support an increase taxes on the wealthy to pay for public programs.

This two party system of Republicans and Democrats in the USA guarantees that a checks and balances system exists in all tiers and arms of government. Through such system, it is made sure that laws have been reviewed and extensively debated on, and are all for the betterment of the country.

Proponents of either political philosophy may get up-to-date information about the politicians and causes they are supporting by signing up to liberal and commonsense conservative blogs.

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