Essential Pointers And Basic Principles Of Site Optimization

The display speed of your website is vital to capture visitors. Online users are in the immediacy , nor want to wait to talk to your page. By incorporating simple tips to set up, you are able to retain your visitors and improve their user experience, that will encourage them to return.


You must keep in mind that these are the basic small gains in some places that make a difference. This will eventually require little effort for the initial results and even more to achieve a great result. But even without pushing the method to the end, the result will be attractive terms of audience, and your conversion rate also needs to increase.


Here are some tips and some references to understand for this subject


The rate of light

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What exactly is site optimization?


It can be seen initially as optimizing the implementation with the means accessible to improve the existing. Secondly you are able to boost performance further by adding new ways. We only address the very first point here. Change provider or server to improve your performance can be a solution, when that a whole array of techniques can do better with the same resources.

Some statistics


The page size has greater than tripled in five-years, from 90KB to 310Ko. At the same time we also doubled the amount of external components per page (25 to 50) An internet page is normally 500 words and 600 HTML tags! If we add to this the quantity of dial-up connection continues to be significant inside the U.S. for instance.


500ms lose is to lose 20% of traffic for Google and 25% decrease in the weight with the page would be to win 25% of users inside the medium term to Google. Increase the latency of 100ms is always to lose 1% of sales for Amazon. Yahoo! 400ms to lose is to have 5-9% drop in additional.


From 4 seconds you lose waiting massively visitors …

What don’t let improve?


The improvements are anticipated in the settings from the server, code quality, choice of technical, management components web …


Tools are available to help you identify everything which include Firefox plugins:



    Google Page Speed


And performance measurement:



    IBM Page Detailer

    Web TestPage


Remember that these will allow you to test your site from around the world and see the impact this has on your site.


Two main rules for your performance of web sites are to decrease the number of HTTP requests and limit how big data being downloaded. See this in more detail.

Site optimization includes server configuration



The implementation of a server-side cache is an excellent thing and will provide content to the Internet faster, but HTTP is used too few feats. It really is effective in 50 % of the users viewing page 1 of your site. Either since they have already come before, or because you share resources with other sites via CDN.


So configure your server to send hints towards the browser caching.

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