How To Become An EMT

Emergency medical professionals serve a big role in modern society because in some life and death cases, first aid will not suffice. These emergency professionals are who we call EMTs or emergency medical technicians and paramedics.

The competency off paramedics and EMTs is important in order to preserve the lives of patients and victims before they are set off to the hospital. Examples of life threatening situations are heart failure, drug overdose, drop in sugar levels, child birth, slips and falls, vehicular accidents, gunshots and explosions. The job of EMTs and paramedics is to preserve the vitals of the patient or victim. Otherwise, most of these people may arrive a little too late.

After a verified 911 call for emergency, police or fire department personnel are dispatched together with an emergency team consisting of EMTs and paramedics. At the scene, the first thing our medical professionals need to do is assess the condition of the person being saved. They also need to determine if the patient has medical conditions that may affect certain decisions. These health care professionals provide medical care in order to prolong the patient’s, and ensure a safe and quick transport to the nearest hospital or healthcare facility. In some cases, they coordinate with physicians for medical direction.

The travel time from the scene to the hospital is crucial and this is what EMTs need to consider next. Another job of emergency professionals is to immobilize the patient and secure a comfortable stretcher to relieve as much as possible any pain the patient is experiencing. After securing the patient inside the land or air vehicle, our medical professionals provide much needed support like respirators, oxygen tanks and bandages. They secure safe transportation to the emergency department and report their observations to the medical professional taking over. They also provide further help if a patient needs to be transferred to another medical facility.

A person who wants to know how to become an EMT needs to take exams or certifications for CPR and EMT. EMT basic classes are available for enrollment in junior colleges. The cost of certification is around $500 to $800 but that is already inclusive of the education.  The certification for EMT is called the NREMT or National Registry EMT Basic Exam. Before answering though, it’s a good habit to take pretests like an EMT practice test

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