Making a Living as a Visual Graphic Artist

Having a career that you are passionate about is important, but in the world of art, it may take years before having a nice income to live off. Because it may take a lot of time to develop a reputation, making a living from selling art may not produce enough money. Visual graphic artists can use their skills in commercial art and advertisement. It is hard to stay true to your art when there isn’t any money being made; many artist sell their rights to their art in the media industry.

If you are good at drawing and sketching, this skill could be used at an advertising agency or production house to render illustrations for use in brochures, posters and online advertising. Artist may choose to illustrate stories found in books and magazines.

Animated characters may appear three dimensional and computer generated, but every character was a drawing before it was seen on a television or in a video game.

For those who work well with computers and diverse applications, it would be beneficial to their drawing career to complete some graphic design courses. Graphic designers are responsible for the layout and design of items as simple as cereal boxes and as complex as machinery. It is important for graphic designers to learn how to use various media programs including Photoshop, Indesign, Freehand and illustrator that are found on the Macintosh.

Creative and Art Directors in advertising agencies develop the concepts behind advertising campaigns, creating the ideas that are then put together by graphic designers and desktop publishers. Careers in advertisement are a great way to show your art, but it must comply with the standards set by your superiors.

With a little bit of schooling, artists can too pursue a career in web design. Many web designers are familiar with a development software known as Dreamweaver.

Sculptors have alternatives too, and can use their carving skills in carpentry and furniture making in order to earn a living. Building furniture and decorative items can help enhance metalwork skills. Sculptors move easily into exhibition design, as their 3-dimensional understanding of space makes them ideal designers of exhibition space.

Artists can also earn by teaching their craft, whether at schools and colleges or by giving private tuition. Artists may work at museums restoring or protecting valuable art pieces.

Many painters earn a living by providing a mural painting service, either commercially for businesses, or privately for residences. Direct your target market towards things you are good at painting.

Visual graphic artists have a broad range of career choices. Artists have to work to support themselves and purchase the art supplies needed to practice and work, therefore it is important for them to find a career with a legitimate income, regardless of their artistic morals.

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