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Oh my gosh. Therefore i am crying as i write this. Some post yesterday cause I was will my buddy Karli all day. She found out she was cancer free…. CANCER FREE! She’s got been battling cancer for any year . 5 now. so I am like freaking out now. So, that is why Some write. I am like crying.
P.S.- I love your comments.
Shamsa- I write it concerning the Netherlands cause my grandparents come from Netherlands so yea. haha.
I am so glad all of you enjoy it, here is more.
Joslyn Miller
Isabella’s P.O.V.
‘So,’ my mother said facing Landon. ‘What is the next step for any job’ I looked over him in the questioning state too.

‘Well Sometimes in a pizza shop delivering pizza’s back America.’ he said shrugging.

‘Well,’ my mother said and among her looks, plastered to be with her face. ‘What would you like to be once you grow up’

‘An artist.’ he replied. My mother stood a laugh. I was suddenly uncomfortable.

‘That’s not really a real career.’ my mother said.

‘Well I’ll receive money. I prefer to paint, too. so I don’t see why it can’t be.’ He states.

‘No, no it isn’t.’ I believe that stepping in. ‘Art is not a job, it’s a hobbie.’ Landon turns in my experience having a type of defensive look on his face.evening dress uk

‘And an amount you call a job’ He asks me.

‘Something in politics.’ I believe that. My mother afflicted me with a smile and he huffed.evening party dresses

‘Of course what you know already this is a job.’ he admits that.

‘And,’ I believe that turning my shoulders to face him with my body. ‘what does that mean’

‘Well,’ he admits that turning himself to face me with his body too. ‘You prance around inside your little dresses, starting wars with countries, engaged and getting married to individuals you don’t even know. All of your life’s politics. Of course you’ll say something stupid like this.’ he finishes.

‘Mr. Tay-’ my mother starts however i placed a hand to silence her.

‘Stupid’ I asks. He nods. ‘Stupid’ I believe that in disbelief. He nods again.

‘Yes,’ he smirks.

‘I’m not stupid, you are.’ I believe that, ‘Commoner.’ I mumble as a possible insult, going back to my food.

‘Royal pain within the ass.’ he mumbles embracing his food too. I stop and face him. I chose it wasn’t worth it. I ate the remainder of my meal alone, seeing a couple side glances from Landon. I looked over to Landon’s sister, Olivia doing talking to my buddy. I’m wondering if she was badly as him. The ball part of the evening began and I had the very first dance with my dad. Next was my cousins and my buddy. Than the usual few single men that inquired about. My feet hurt really bad over these shoes.

‘May I have this dance.’ I hear someone mumble and I look up to see Landon standing there taking a look at his shoes.

‘You may.’ I believe that. He looks up in surprise. I straightened my back attempting to seem taller but he towered over me, even when I was in heals. He placed his hands on my hips and I placed mine on his shoulders.dressforwomen

‘I thought you’ll say no.’ he said softly.

‘It is considered rude to not pay a dance.’ I believe that in reply. We danced alone. ‘Your an excellent dancer.’ I complement.

‘My mother taught me.’ He states, looking a bit more confident. I smiled at him.

‘That’s good of her.’ I smile. He returns the smile. ‘I’m deeply sorry.’

‘So am I’ he said too. Some how when which i closed my eyes and opened them again, I was better him. It stunned me how amazing his eyes were.

‘I know I just met you today but,’ he admits that. ‘would you want to, hang out tomorrow’ Some reason I felt like jumping out of my skin. I never felt this before. I was… excited. No, I desired to express. No, I have plans. I said to myself but what actually arrived on the scene was,

‘I would like to.’ I smile at him. He returns the smile.

‘Great,’ he admits that since the song ends. ‘I’ll pick you up at 10 each day.’ he said kissing my hand. ‘I’ll see you than.’ he smiles and backs up. I watch him because he leaves my castle. Who was simply this boy
*********Next day***********
‘Mother,’ I believe that waiting in front of my mother who held a news paper at the big dining room table. ‘I’m heading out today.’

‘Where, may I ask’ she says.

‘With a friend.’ I believe that. Some desire to mention who it had been, incase it would take up a fight.



‘Well your father and I are leaving in the bit so you will probably be on your own for some time. but sure, I guess that’s fine.’ she says looking back at her paper. I disappear having a smile on my face. I walked on the steps wearing a blue sundress and blue, closed toed, simple, high heals. I grabbed a jacket and walked outside to see Landon on a motorbike.

‘A motorbike Really’ I talk about.

‘A sundress Really’ He asks me back.

‘What about my outfit’ I ask turning around for him to obtain the full look.

‘Do you own ONE pair of jeans’ he inquired about.

‘No.’ I believe that. It had been the facts, either skirts or dresses.

‘Wow, we have to get you to my sister…. NOW.’ he said handing me a helmet. I took it getting on his bike, speeding off and away to the unknown realm of teenage life.
Hate Like Love
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