Siberian Husky Whelping

Siberian husky whelping comes after the gestation period. It is in the event the dog gives birth. Their gestation period is usually 60-64 days the rough estimate jointly can’t ever be exact. Nowadays are counted off their last day of heat.

Preparation for Whelping

There are some important things that the Siberian husky owner are capable of doing to prepare for whelping. When you’ve got a Siberian husky who is pregnant and close to whelping you ought to have a very close eye on him. Obtain a vet’s number and make it handy in the event of any emergencies. Cruising is usually to make a whelping box to prevent your dog whelping in the hidden unknown and dark location since they usually do. Line the whelping box with clean towels for comfort. Siberian huskies just as the other dogs choose to whelp in a very dark and quiet place that’s why they like whelping during the night and unless you create a whelping box they are going to hide at a dark place. Therefore, it is essential to maintain your whelping box with a spot that is certainly dark and quiet. Still in preparation for Siberian husky whelping, go ahead and take huskies temperature frequently. When her temperature drops below 100 usually to 99 then she is going to whelp yearly 8-12 hours.


When labor begins it could last between two to six hours. This is the point you should call a veterinarian and inform him/her that your Siberian husky is labor so that you can keep updating the vet on the whelping progress. If your labor lasts over eight hours, call the vet.

You will see a definite discharge through the husky’s vulva and you will notice her licking at her vulva. This ensures that Siberian husky whelping process is about to begin. Soon you will have contractions which is not visible.  However the contractions make the belly steel solid and you may feel this should you touch the belly during a contraction.

The Birth

Generally Siberian huskies don’t need much assistance the birth, and you will leave your pet alone. Your new puppy may require help if you sense there will be something wrong or notice her panicking. You should call the vet if this is the situation. You will find instances enabling you to assist the husky with the removing of amniotic sac or cutting the umbilical cord. Normally your pet consumes the amniotic sacs to replenish nutrients and energy put in the whelping process.

After whelping, make sure that the dog can access her food. Provide a lot of nutritious water and food at proximity for the husky. Siberian husky whelping drains each of the energy through the husky and that he may have a problem visiting relieve himself so place house training pads for him.

During Siberian husky whelping, usually do not panic each time a puppy or two dies. A number of puppies usually die during whelping and this can be predicted. This might be reduced by keeping the whelping environment neat and germ free, giving plenty of emotional support for the husky and helping her relax.

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