Tech Tip of the Day: How to Make a Spreadsheet

Among the very valuable computer applications we have now are spreadsheets. Business proprietors find them certainly advantageous in making them more productive. Without any doubt, spreadsheets will always be integrated in any office productivity suite. Microsoft Office as well as Open Office are perhaps the very used Productivity Suites we learn.

These feature spreadsheet programs namely Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice Calc. First time users will naturally have a tough time working together with spreadsheets. Consequently, we will instruct you how to make a spreadsheet.

We will effort to generate an easy financial report and so as for it to be more comprehensible, we will use Microsoft Excel. Below are the procedures you can follow on how to make a spreadsheet:

1. Find the MS Excel icon and open it.

2. What you will see next are cells with:

a. Columns having letters (A, B, C…) as labels

b. Rows labeled with (1, 2, 3…).

3. Keep in mind that you will address every cell based on the row and column that it is positioned.

a. Take for instance the cell right under column A and row 1 that is cell A1.

4. Select cell A1 and place Item.

5. Key in Cost in cell B1. Key in Cost to cell B1.

6. Type Printing to cell A2.

7. Then, enter 100.00 to cell B2. (Hint: Anything you have entered in a cell will be retained by simply making a click outside the cell.)

8. Type the word Postage in cell A3.

9. Go to cell B3 and key in 85.00.

10. In cell A4, type Envelopes.

11. For cell A4 specifically, enter 42.00.

12. Type Total in cell A5.

13. Enter =SUM(B2:B4) to cell A5.

14. Try to click any cell in the spreadsheet and 227.00 will come out.

15. Simply save.

Todays recent version of MS Excel is 2010. Exactly the same set of method stated here on how to make a spreadsheet can still be applied for further versions. Moreover, spreadsheets might also be found valuable on how to make mailing labels from excel. Try watching this video and learn how to make a spreadsheet even quicker:

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