The Oil Spill Attorney That Is Sure To Help You

After an oil spill, people will need to hire a qualified oil spill lawyer. One attorney that has substantial experience in this area is Joseph Maternowski of the Environmental Law Practice Group at Hessian & McKasy, P.A. This law firm’s specialty area lies in defending those who discovered that their land is polluted as well as defending its clients in the requirements set forth by environmental agencies on the state and federal level.

This oil spill lawyer has training in several items associated with business and environmental law, along with: 

• Administrative law 
• Real estate transactions 
• Business law 
• Litigation 

Mr. Maternowski is still linked to environmental law in several capabilities. When a scrap yard company found out that its lands were polluted, it employed this oil spill lawyer as Common Counsel to help them recover their costs related to the contamination. Mr. Maternowski has also worked for clients who had complaints against every level of government, such as the local, state and federal levels. This lawyer or attorney is also the individual to see to help businesses adhere to the environmental policies of their areas.

Businesses who definitely are in need of an oil spill lawyer are going to have an entire group of people working for them when they hire Joseph Maternowski. The legal representatives, paralegals and associates all bring about the case to have the most favorable end result for each client. This might want the knowledge of various different types of lawyers, and Mr. Maternowski employs business lawyers, real estate property lawyers and the proper litigators to form a personalized protection for his clients.

Mr. Maternowski can legally represent people in several different areas. They will be able to employ the service of this law office if they are having difficulties with federal agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the United States Department of Transportation. Should they have to have a litigator to support them with the conflicts they are having with insurance companies or the problems they may be having with their polluted property, Mr. Maternowski is the attorney or lawyer who is able to help them reduce these troubles.

Even if the firm is very large and operating all over the world, Mr. Maternowski and his team of law firms and associates have expertise assisting their clients abide by the laws in the most affordable manner.


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