Using Your Smart Phone to Stay Organized

While regular cell phone has limited set of organizational features, Samsung Blaze has a wide range of organizational functions that can be found in your regular PC or PDAs. This includes the regular calculator, memo pad, to-do list, calendar and several more sophisticated features as elaborated below.

Alarm reminder is one of the most common but useful feature in this device. A variety of alarms can be set for any of the contacts in the database. While it is difficult to remember the anniversaries, birthdays and special moments of everyone, you can use this feature to remind you at the right moment. You can also configure the reminders so that they reset automatically on an annual, monthly, weekly or daily basis. Once you set the reminder there is no need to remember it again. The alarm monitor can remind you at a specific time and it can also send an email to your email address. While your smart phone is performing all this crucial task, make sure that you provide it protection by using Samsung Galaxy Blaze 4G case.

This mobile phone offers a wide range of import and export features. You can import contact information from other contact management programs with utmost ease. This means you can import the data from Outlook, Microsoft Excel, Outlook Express or most of the other applications. You can also export information from your smartphone in different formats. You can include an infopedia in your smartphone so that you can get any dialing code or zip codes. This feature would eliminate the difficulties that you have to face when searching for area codes, International Dialing Codes or zip codes.

There are several Samsung Galaxy Blaze 4G accessories that can help you in enriching your smartphone experience. In addition to all the external accessories, there are many organizational features that make this device one of the best smartphone options for anyone. One of the important features found in the Blaze is the one-button phone dialing. You can just choose any contact number from the database and just a single click can initiate the call. Then, there is the single-button email feature. You just make one click and email message will be sent to the email address.

If you are business person, this device can make your task much more easier. You can also organize the records into different categories. The categories can be created according to your requirement and the data grouped under these categories. This would allow you to list the records that you have placed under any customized group. The contacts can also be password protected. You can put a password on individual contacts and opt whether it should be displayed or not.

You can also create detailed information of the contact history. The contact history can be gathered according with complete details of date. It is also possible to maintain notes regarding your phone conversations, events or meetings. You can also take advantage of Google Maps and similar programs to view addresses and locations on the map. When you have to find direction when you are away from home, these programs can really help. You can use any feature according to your requirement, but make sure to use a high-quality Samsung Galaxy Blaze 4G screen protector to keep the sensitive touchscreen always protected.

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