What does ‘for God’s sake’ mean?

Earlier this week, after delineating the reason for a delay in getting ready an offer for a client I was presented a rather understanding response, ‘life’s like that and throws things up at random.’ It caused me to question is it all accidental. Though I am not a non secular human being but ‘is there a God? ’God’s a reasonably well used word. ‘Good lord’ a throw-away request for some sanity to happen. But certainly, why on earth would you desire to call great Lord’s name? Why not terrible god?. The Greeks have several gods or is it I lord having separate personas, men and women.  
For God’s sake. Exactly why exclaim Lord’s sake? These are generally phrases many people in every day language but almost never give any thought to their true meaning. The phrases seem to imply that the lord symbolizes some type of universal values. We also use the expression for ‘heavens’ sake’ in much the same. Hence if you wish to beg someone to do what’s right then goodness and god have a similar meaning. It is the same old good versus the evil. When you search in the Wikipedia, you would find the term ‘good’ amongst the most very popular words in English language. Men and women know when you feel good and when you feel terrible but where does The lord come in.
In the great proverbs there are individuals born in the image of the lord. I usually wish to think all of us are born in the image of The lord though typically some go down the wrong path. At Sunday institution you were told there’s a The almighty and he is nice and all powerful but why does he not do good continuously. He does good even whenever he does bad. Seems good to me. Where do I sign! But simply because you trust it doesn’t suggest it is a fact does it?
Other folks don’t have doubts about all these they just let life take them to where ever. Followers in God continue to think things take place arbitrarily. Some who do not trust our god still think everything happens for an explanation. Is There a Supreme Being? and what are the concept of life are those good questions. I hope my blog has enable you to sort in you individual mind if there is a God or simply just cause you to look at this good question.

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