What Is A Collaborative Lawyer

Cases in courts are always piling up. This is hard not just for the courts but also for the litigants themselves. It takes longer for issues to be settled and cases to be decided upon. An as the saying goes justice delayed is justice denied. But there are some alternative solutions to these problems. One is to seek the help of a collaborative lawyer.

Collaborative law is not a new concept. Yet it is not that popular because most parties prefer to bring their cause in court. Nevertheless, collaborative law is still one of the most convenient ways to settle certain issues.

This is similar to those out of court settlements or mediations. The main subject of collaborative law is divorce. The usual options for couples would be to go to court and get a divorce. This uses up a lot of time and money. Collaborative law is a better alternative to it.

Collaborative lawyers along with other professionals try to help couples who want to get a divorce. Instead of coming to court they can hire a set of professionals to help them settle issues on legalities, finances and so on. Aside from the lawyers who help with the legal concerns, psychiatrists, financial experts and other counselors also join in the efforts to come up with a win-win situation for both parties.

There is no need to go to court for it. this makes it less expensive and hassle-free. Yet you still need to note some important things when you want to try this method.

Bear in mind that there is no winner in a collaborative settlement. You are there for a compromise. Be honest with all the documents and information that you give. Above all you need to keep an open mind since this is the very core of coming up with a compromise. Collaborative lawyers are not solely responsible for it. It’s the parties that have to make more effort.

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