WordPress Plugins that make a Difference for Internet Marketers

The WordPress content management system is one of the best ways you can manage your online business if you are an Internet Marketer. Odds are that you use the system on your websites and blogs. Since the system is so well designed, it is easy to assume that people are using it everywhere. One of the things that makes this system so great is how easy it is to customize through the use of plugins. There are so many plug-ins, however, that it is sometimes difficult to narrow down exactly what it is you need to use. That’s why we’ve highlighted a few of our favorites here. Aaron Darko, renegade millionaire, Online Stock Profits Bonus

Ad Injection – this is the plugin you want if you have an informative site you’d like to monetize. Ad Injection allows users to quickly integrate just about any kind of advertising – like Google Adsense – into their sites. You’re allowed the ultimate control over the advertising that is placed on your site. You can make sure your ads are likely to get noticed and that they’ll actually matter to your audience. Ever wonder how other bloggers get those clever ads mixed in with the widgets on the side? This is how they do it. You can save a lot of time while boosting the revenue from your site.

Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin is a good install for Internet Marketers. There are some who believe that out of every single plugin that exists for WordPress this is the best. What it does is add a small box that someone leaving comments on your website check to prove that they are human. This prevents spam from the spambots from getting on your site. Since they are unable to enter in the code (they can’t see it!) into the little box, their comments are not left, and you don’t have to weed through what is human or not. Instead of having to deal with the tedious captcha process, your visitors (real humans) can verify their comments with one click.

The CommentLuv plugin for WordPress is excellent for any Internet Marketer using a blog as part of the overall site. If a person leaves a comment on your posts, CommentLuv will search the commenter’s site and then add a link to their most recent update within their original comment. Your visitors benefit from more backlinks, but you should also find people are happier to leave more comments so they get this same benefit. Everyone wins in the end. You’ll even find a paid Pro version of CommentLuv if you want to offer even more. In regard to content management systems for websites on the Internet, few are as good as WordPress. Internet Marketers love to use it! Whatever you want to do, the WordPress plug-ins that are available make it easy to fully utilize your website. Choosing the right plug-ins is where many people get confused. Now you know, after reading this article, what we recommend. Made this list be beneficial for you and your business.

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